Bugs in Storage Shed – Learn How to Keep Them Out

It was a beautiful and sunny spring day. As I read the latest issue of “Shed Digest”, I suddenly heard this deathly scream. At that same moment, the window next to me shattered completely.  Stunned, I ran to our back door and immediately saw my wife wailing her arms wildly and pointing at our shed.  I then realized my wife was screaming “bugs in storage shed, bugs in storage shed” .

As I approached the opening of our shed, I realized that the cause of her emotional distress was a family of ants that took over the building. I burst out in uncontrollable laughter as she ran inside our home. Following the call of my delegated husband duties, I quickly followed her inside to console her.

bugs in my storage shed

Don’t Let Bugs Take Over your Storage Shed

After 15 minutes of emotional debating, my wife sentenced me to sleep in the shed all week for my child- like behavior (guys, never laugh at a woman, no matter how silly it might be).

While husbands across the world may sympathize with me, I have something up my sleeve and it won’t be the bugs that crawl on me as I sleep in the shed all week. Unbeknownst to my lovely wife, I have many ways of getting rid of bugs in sheds.

Since this incident occurred, I have felt it is my duty to share my ideas with mankind…. and the other kind too!

Tips to Get Rid of Bugs in Storage Sheds

Consider a shed a home for your tools and other equipment. Just like your home, bugs are not invited. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of inadvertently inviting bugs inside your storage shed by following these tips below.

Don’t Keep your Garbage Inside your Shed

Bugs love garbage. It is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet for them. When you store your garbage cans inside your storage shed, it attracts many different insects, especially flies. Once flies find a way inside your shed, they will lay eggs in your garbage, which will make the problem even worse. In addition, as more bugs get inside your shed, more spiders will be attracted too!

Make Sure All Containers are Sealed Tightly

get rid of bugs in storage shedIf you store bags of grain or grass seed, make sure they are completely closed. Once bugs get a scent of something, they will find a way inside. If you can’t seal bags, put them in airtight containers.

Play the Role of “The Exterminator”

get rid of bugs in shed

Use bait, bug traps or insecticides to exterminate any bugs that enter your storage shed. It also would be a good idea to spray insecticide around the base of the shed. Make sure your children are aware of the toxic chemicals that are inside the shed just to be safe.

If you plan on storing clothes or blankets inside your shed, consider adding some mothballs to help keep moths out. Also, try using herbs such as lavender, mint and tansy to prevent bugs from entering your storage shed.

While this may be a cruel method, buy a bug zapper. This will reduce the bug population in your backyard very quickly.

Clean your Garden Tools Before you Store Them

kill bugs inside tool shedClean any tools and or kitchen appliances before you put them in your shed. For example, after using a shovel in attempt to find a buried treasure, there could be bugs still on the shovel. Cleaning your tools before you store them is the best way of making sure you’re not inviting bugs into your shed. Even the smallest crumbs can attract shed bugs.

Remove Light Sources

If you have a light that is on or near your shed, it will only attract bugs to your shed.

Fill in Any Gaps

Use silicone caulk to fill in any small gaps inside your shed. This includes corners, along your windows, joists and roof. Install weather-stripping around the door to help keep spiders and other insects out.

Clean Out your Storage Shed

rid of insects in shed

Sweep out or vacuum your shed one to three times a month. Bugs prefer to settle in areas that seem untouched. Therefore, having a clean shed will persuade some bugs to stay out!

Keep Excess Moisture Out

Many bugs, especially mosquitoes, are attracted to puddles of water and will even lay eggs in them. Excess moisture will also cause premature rot and decay in wood.

"Goodnight, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Shed Bugs Bite"

 No more bugs in storage sheds!

What style of shed are you looking for?
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5 Responses to Bugs in Storage Shed – Learn How to Keep Them Out

  1. AffordableREI says:

    Thanks for the tips! I will put them to work immediately for our shed. Just painted the outside a forest green with white trim, and the inside a gorgeous sky blue with white shelving. It looks so inviting, I want to keep it that way. The cleaning the tools is an excellent idea.

  2. James Bergman says:

    I think the best way to keep bugs out of the shed is to keep it sealed and clean. You won’t be able to make it perfect, but the cleaner it is the fewer problems you will have. This means that you should probably make sure your shed is well organized. I like using peg board myself. By the way, these tips are also things you can use to keep bugs out of your house or storage unit. It is all about keeping your spaces clean. http://www.affordablelockbox.com/home


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