Discounted Sheds Doesn’t Mean We Sacrifice on Quality

When you look up what liquidation means on Wikipedia, it says; “the process by which a company (or part of a company) is brought to an end and the assets and property low cost shedsof the company redistributed”. “Liquidation is also sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution, although dissolution technically refers to the last stage of liquidation.” In this case, Shed Liquidators is not going out of business, but due to overstocks and the process of phasing out old models, we are able to offer industry low prices. While you may associate our name “Shed Liquidators” as cheap sheds, as you will read, our sheds set the standard for quality.

What is Shed Liquidators?

We manufacture our storage sheds in Monroe, Michigan. When we have an overstock of a certain model of a shed or attempting to phase out a model to make a place for a new model, we offer the storage sheds at discount rates. As you may know, as time passes by, styles and trends change. To compensate for the changes in consumer taste, our designers are constantly developing new styles of sheds. Like the “circle of life”, as new sheds emerge, some sheds have to be put on the discontinued list. With our low prices you may find it easy to call our offerings as cheap storage sheds, but in all actuality, our sheds are designed to last for many years. Just look at our warranty packages for proof.

If it’s good enough to Build Noah’s Ark with Wood, it’s perfect for a Shed

noah's ark made out of woodAll of our storage buildings are manufactured by Backyard Products using the same high-quality wood material. Our storage buildings are factory primed and the wood siding is treated to resist termites and fungal decay. That way you do not have to worry about treating your wood each year.

In addition, using our 35 years of experience and precise construction and building knowledge, our storage sheds will be strong enough to withstand heavy winds and snow loads.

cheap storage sheds with rafters

Roof Rafters Assembled

What We Stand For

We follow the principle of offering a no gimmick and no hassle approach to make the online experience easy to understand. To place an order online, all you have to do is:

1. Pick your style and size.

2. Choose accessories.

3. Pick your color of shingles.

4. Find the closest installer near you.

5. Complete your transaction.

Our buildings may have cheap storage shed pricing, but the quality of our buildings is never sacrificed.  Our storage solutions come with factory-direct savings which means we deliver and install our sheds right from the factory. This avoids the additional overhead costs that are added on at retail stores. That is what Shed Liquidators is all about. Low prices, no empty promises, an easy to use website and high-quality storage sheds.

cheap garden shed

6×8 Garden shed shown here.


What style of shed are you looking for?
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      Hi John,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. Yes, we have a 10 x 8 shed available at a great price. Click here to view the 10 x 8 shed. Currently, it is on sale for $1,299. Have a great day!


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    How do we Offer High Quality Buildings & Cheap Shed Prices?


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