Metal Sheds vs. Wooden Sheds

Which Type of Shed is Best?

Many customers ask us how metal sheds and wood sheds compare. Our short and unbiased response is usually wood sheds are the best choice due it is strong construction and attractive looks. We are going to respond to that question in-depth as to who will win the debate of metal sheds vs. wooden sheds. Let’s compare the two different materials.

Metal Shed Vs. Wood Shed

 metal sheds metal sheds vs wood sheds gambrel wood sheds
 Metal Shed  Wooden Shed


Wooden sheds generally cost more than metal sheds due to the price of lumber. However, as you read on, wooden sheds last longer, are stronger and fit well in homeowner’s landscape designs.

Strength and Durability

If you’re looking to buy a small storage shed that is only intended to store a few items, a metal shed may be an acceptable solution for you. However, the larger the shed, the more important the construction will be. Wooden sheds are constructed with treated 2×4 lumber, therefore they can hold heavy snow loads with ease. The roofs on metal sheds cannot hold much weight; therefore you are putting your investment at risk of collapse.

Wood sheds can easily handle high winds and inclement weather due to their heavy weight and strong construction. We have heard horror stories of penny sized hail that has pierced through the walls of metal sheds. When it comes to strength and durability, wooden sheds are the best choice!


rusty metal storage shedSince wooden sheds are treated to be rot, decay and insect resistant, there is no maintenance. Most metal sheds do not require much maintenance at first, however after time rust can develop and can weaken the shed. Metal sheds would then have to be restored and re-painted.


You spent your hard earned money to buy a storage building to protect your items, so security is important. Metal sheds are an easy target for vandalism. Using a hammer or a swift kick, the metal doors can easily collapse. To break into a wood shed, a criminal would need to bring a heavy duty saw.

Ease of Installation

Metal sheds sometimes are easier to install. Often they only require your everyday hand tools such as a screwdriver, level, hammer, pliers and a wrench. To build a wooden shed, you would need nails, hammer, level and possibly a circular saw. While our sheds are primed, the homeowner is responsible for painting their wooden shed. Most metal sheds come painted.

Attractive Backyard Storage

With three different styles to choose from, wooden sheds offer great looks and variety to any backyard. Metal sheds are usually in the shape of a square and are quite boxy. In addition, the designs of wood sheds allow more headroom inside so you can feel more comfortable as you navigate around your shed.

 metal tool sheds gable style storage  gambrel style tackroom saltbox sheds
 Metal Shed  Gable Style (Wood)  Gambrel Style (Wood)  Tackroom (Wood)

Resistance to Marks and Dents

Metal sheds can be damaged by hail and fast moving objects, such as a line drive off of your child’s baseball bat. Some minor dents can be “hammered out” to look like new. If you plan on working near your building and have active kids, a wooden shed will be the best choice. Wood can withstand most impacts.

The Winner

While metal sheds have a few advantages, we will always recommend using wood when building sheds. They are aesthetically pleasing, strong, maintenance free and will last for many years. When you buy wooden sheds, you get what you pay for; a worry free solution to organizing your tools and equipment for many years to come.

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What style of shed are you looking for?
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9 Responses to Metal Sheds vs. Wooden Sheds

  1. Auth says:

    Right on. A shed is basically a mitainure house. Your options for design are unlimited. If you go to the link in the description, you will see a massive shed I built. I intend to move that shed next to my pond and build it out into a full-fledged dwelling and a nice one, with a loft bedroom, skylights to view the stars on the way to slumber.Thank you for comment!

  2. Mary Sandra says:

    Metal sheds are just more practical than other kinds of sheds. But the question is: how to make your metal shed look better so it’s not just this ugly building in your backyard.

  3. Louise Hale says:

    If I’m going to find a shed, I rather choose a wooden shed. First, we can mold it of what design we want to and also they were strong construction compare of metal shed. I agree in this blog!

    Rent To Own Barn

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  5. Sheds Perth says:

    My experience with metal sheds is not good. I prefer wooden sheds over metal sheds because wooden sheds are more able to deal with rainfall and winds more rapidly than metal sheds.

    Sheds Perth

  6. Robin Vance says:

    I have started with a wooden shed 16×32 put was thinking about finishing with metal the roof and walls what do you think?

  7. shane radcliffe says:

    This post is very interesting but in my opinion wooden shed are adorable as compare to metal sheds.Wooden sheds can be made easily or looks attractive in gardens or other places.
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