Sheds Add Value to your Home

Sheds can store equipment and add simple little functions to any backyard. However, did you know sheds can actually add value to your home?

sheds add value to homes

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Let’s look at the two images above. The homes are exactly the same except for one home has a brand new shed while the other home has a rusty old shed. Which property would you buy?

Hopefully, the example above makes our point very clear. I think most people would choose the property on the left as it has a nice storage shed.

When Buying a Shed, Think Resale Value

Times are great for home buyers; however, due to the struggling economy, some homeowners are struggling to sell their homes at their preferred prices. Many homeowners have had their house up for sale for many years. We have heard from several customers who are hesitant in investing in a storage shed when they’re unsure of how long they are going to live at their property. They feel it is a waste of money to buy a shed when they are going to sell their home soon after.

However, they need to realize that they can add the shed to the value of their home. They can even use it as a sales pitch for interested buyers. These days, the real estate market is unpredictable, so chances are you may have your house on the market for many years before it is sold at an acceptable price.

With that in mind, even if you buy a shed and end up moving out of your house two years later, you can still add the value of your storage shed to the sales price of your home. So, in reality, buying a shed to solve your storage problems is never a waste of your hard-earned money.

Adds to the Presentation Quality of your Home

One of the most important rules to follow when selling your home is to make sure your property is presented well. The inside and outside of your home needs to be updated and new shed for garageclean. Chances are if you decide to wait on buying a shed because you’re about to sell your home, that you’re stacking items in your garage and throughout your home in an unorganized fashion. Your garage is probably full of equipment and your closets are overflowing with items.

If you had a storage shed to store all your “stuff” this would not be a problem. In addition, prospective buyers will be impressed with your organization which will make your home seem even more valuable. Buyers truly like to see homes that are taken care of.

Try to see it from the buyer’s perspective. Buyers want to find a home that meets their needs and fits their targeted price point. They also are looking for a home that does not require any extra work. If your home is being sold with appliances and a shed included, you’re reducing the amount of work for a buyer.

Always, remember that buying a shed is never a waste. Try to find sheds on sale and once the shed is installed you can forget about your storage concerns. Installing a new shed in your backyard may make all the difference between a sale and another missed opportunity!

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What style of shed are you looking for?
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