Get More Shed Storage Space the Easy Way

Like many people, you may be looking for additional shed storage space for much of shed storage spaceyour stuff. In many cases, you have the solution already in your shed! Read on for the top five ways you can create some much-needed room:

Top 5 ways to get more room in your shed

1. Get it off the floor.

Don’t underestimate the value of adding overhead shed storage space. Building a simple loft unit can help you use that space to store seasonal items while adding shelves is great for holding smaller items that you use regularly.

2. Designate a place for everything.

Even if you have or are adding storage tools, it only helps so much if you struggle with organization overall. Purchasing plastic bins for use and using sticker labels marked with what each one contains is a good start. Also, when you are installing shed storage, map out where your stuff is going to go—know which items can be neatly tucked into a corner or where boxes can be stacked before placing your things inside. This blog post is excellent, as this blogger has really maximized her space in an ingenious way.

3. Reuse. Repurpose & recycle for more shed storage space

You may already have some optimal storage solutions lying around your home and not even realize it! Crates are a wonderful way to store your things cheaply—especially if they’re wooden. You could even nail a wooden crate (… or two … or three) to your walls since they’re already, you know, wood. Voila!

4. Make everything stackable.

If your space is or is going to be packed VERY tightly, then invest in stackable units that are already made to go well together. Then you can stack higher or wider and fit in more stuff.  IKEA and The Container Store come to mind for this.

5. Well, it IS time for spring cleaning.

Based on the time of year alone, this last suggestion is obvious. But it is good to go through your shed a few times a year and prioritize what is needed in there and what really could be given to a friend or donated to a local charity. The best way to go about doing this is taking an inventory of everything that’s in there and then making a separate list of what you actually want to store inside. There are also many great blogs on storage organization. Organizing Junkie and Fresh Home Organization Projects are two good sites to peruse.

What are some additional ways you plan to make good use of your storage shed space?


What style of shed are you looking for?
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