Wood Shed Maintenance Tips you Can Count On

Wouldn’t life be great if we didn’t have to try 20 different diet pills or exercise to maintain our health and change the oil in our car every 3,000 miles? Of course it would, but in reality we have to maintain many different things in our life to make them last. The same idea applies to wood shed maintenance. Maintaining your shed properly will make your shed look like new for many years. Here are some important maintenance tips to follow.

Our wood sheds are factory primed to be resistant to insect infestation, rot and decay. However, there are techniques that should be followed to insure your wood shed has enough protection to face extreme weather.

Extend the Life of Your Shed with These Techniques

Rule #1: Painting is Fundamental

All wood sheds must be painted within 60 days after installation.

  • – All exposed exterior wood must be primed using a high-quality exterior primer before painting.
  • – Nail holes, small knots and blemishes can be filled with an exterior wood putty prior to priming.
  • – Caulk around windows or other fixtures.
  • – All factory primed siding and trim must be painted using high quality exterior 100% acrylic latex paint (we recommend a satin or semi-gloss finish) to protect your building. Be sure to paint all exposed edges of the siding, especially the bottom edge and all six sides (top, bottom, two sides, front and back) of the doors.

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Additionally, you can paint the wood shed to match the color of your home or unique style. Since the shed is already primed, painting is quite easy. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be creative!



Rule #2: Paint Steel Doors

Factory pre-primed steel doors must be painted within 60 days after installation. The painting the doorsfollowing steps must be taken to prepare the door for painting.

  • – To make painting easier and to ensure good adhesion, the pre-primed surface should be gently sanded using 360 grit sandpaper on the flat surfaces and steel wool along the embossed surfaces.
  • – The surface should then be cleaned with a xylene wash or phosphate cleaner and wiped dry with a clean, lint-free towel.
  • – Use quality exterior 100% acrylic-latex paint, carefully following the manufacturer’s recommended application procedures. Be sure to paint all six sides (top, bottom, two sides, front and back) of the doors. You must re-paint your steel doors as needed, depending on the weather and the quality of the paint used.

What Other Wood Shed Maintenance Tips Should I Follow?

Like many other things in life, your new wood shed will require periodic maintenance to ensure many years of use. Here are some other tips you should follow when maintaining your storage building.

  • – Safety comes first. Always wear protective clothing and goggles when painting or using machinery.
  • – Maintain all grass and other vegetation trimmed around the entire perimeter of the storage shed.
  • – Sheds are built on a wood floor, constructed on 4×4 treated runners which resist damage from ground moisture and insects. These runners also elevate your building’s floor, allowing for important air circulation under the foundation. This circulation must be maintained. A weak foundation will cause your shed to sink and or shift over time.
  • – Do not stack bags of soil, firewood or mulch against the siding of your shed.
  • – Locking doorknobs or levers should be sprayed with silicone or other lubricants (i.e. WD-40) to maintain locking mechanism and prevent freezing in cold climates.
  • – We do not suggest insulating or heating your wood shed.
  • – Never allow sprinklers to spray underneath your shed. They will weaken your foundation.

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Still have questions on wood shed maintenance? We always have our doors open for questions. Just give us a call!
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