How to Maximize your Storage Potential with Shed Accessories

Say you’ve purchased a new backyard shed and are just realizing that there are certain amenities you didn’t consider when you made your original purchase. Look no further, shed accessories are right here!

Shelving and Workbenches

shed accessories as lofts

A workbench is a common accessory purchased for a storage building.

The most obvious and commonly used shed accessories are our shelving and workbenches.

Our 12 inch deep sturdy wood shelf are great for organizing your most commonly used items all while leaving you more workspace and walking room. 8 ft. shelves and 10 ft.  shelves provide varying options for depending on your needs.

Once you’ve installed those shelves and gained lots of walking room, why not fill up a little of that space with a workbench? There’s no point in having a work shed if you have to sit on the floor for your projects!

Again, with varied options in 8 ft. workbenches and 10 ft. workbenches, you’ve got great spaces for gardening, crafts, or they can also be used as an over-sized shelf or storage loft.

Practical Shed Accessories

There are some things that certain sheds just can’t live without. Wall vents, venting skylights and metal auger anchors are simply a must for some shed owners.

Wall vents provide important air circulation for your shed. If you do projects working with chemicals, like paint, gasoline or fertilizer, then vents will be a must for your work shed. Wall vents allow your shed to breathe, release vapors, and let moisture and excess heat escape.

Venting Skylights

A venting skylight will give you natural light and ventilation inside your shed.

Venting skylights are a must if you need additional lighting. Some folks just prefer the natural light and fresh air that you can get with a venting skylight. Our skylights are constructed from durable weather resistant polypropylene.

Metal auger anchors dig into the ground below your foundation to keep your shed safe and secure. These anchors are an additional bit of safety and will bring you peace of mind during windy weather.

Windows and Ramps

While windows aren’t an absolute necessity in a backyard shed, they sure do liven up the place. If you’re going to be using your shed for projects and gardening, installing a window (or two) could make or break your true enjoyment while you’re out there.

We’ve got aluminum windows and round top window with shutters for your enjoyment.

metal ramps for easy accessOther sheds may not needs windows, instead of projects, perhaps you’re using your shed to store large motorized equipment. If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely want a set of these metal ramps. Convenient rust-resistant metal ramps provide easy access for lawn tractors, ATVs and other outdoor garden equipment.

For the Gardeners

garden caddy accessory for organizingNine times out of ten, backyard sheds are used to store gardening supplies. Why not spruce up your wooden shed and show off your handiwork with garden caddy or large flower box. Both are currently on sale, nudge, nudge. 😉

Get the Most Bang for your Buck & Get Accessories for your Shed

At the end of the day, your storage building can be used in many ways. These shed accessories often make or break just how well or how often you may use it.



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