Hang Hooks, Not Nails on Garden Sheds

hooks for garden shedsWhen you’re hanging flower boxes or organizing tools inside garden sheds, it might seem like the simple solution to grab a handful of nails and go to town. But don’t do it! Hang hooks, not nails on the outside and inside of your backyard wooden shed.

Get Hooked on Hooks, Not Nails

Hooks are better than nails for a variety of reasons.

They screw in. Screws are better for the integrity of your wood.

Protect the Integrity of your Wooden Shed

It’s common knowledge that nails can cause wood to split when pounded in too hard. Using hooks instead of nails will maintain the integrity of your wood. Using hooks instead of nails will keep your walls intact.

Hooks Have Many Uses

When you start with nails, you may find that after some time, you want to pull them out and start over. Nails can offer a one-use only option. Hooks can have many options. Once you change uses, you will find that if you’ve started with hooks, you will just find another way to use the hooks instead of the original nails you pounded into the walls.

garden sheds

Garden sheds can easily be customized to help you fit even more inside!

Uses for Hooks

  • – Use hooks to hang flower pots
  • – Use hooks to hang gardening tools
  • – Use hooks to organize shelving
  • – Use hooks to hang decorative wall hangings

Using 3M Adhesive Hooks Can Benefit

Another possibility is to use 3M adhesive hooks instead of metal screw hooks. Let’s say you wish to hang a low-weight photo on the wall or hang something that’s temporary. An adhesive hook might be a better option. Adhesive hooks can easily be pulled off once you’re done with them. They won’t put holes in the walls and once gone, their fixture can easily be erased.

Another great option similar to an adhesive hook is a pin hook. Similar to a push pin, the pin hook is a great option for small or temporary hanging objects. Easy to push in, easy to pull out and the hole is small enough not to damage the integrity of the wood.

Using Hooks will Keep Garden Sheds Looking Like New

All in all, using hooks instead of nails on the inside and outside of your backyard garden shed will help maintain the integrity of your wood; keep your shed organized and beautiful; and will provide many uses for years to come. Trust me, you will find it easy to get hooked on using hooks in your garden shed.



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