Sheds are So Much More than Storage Units

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Just imagine what you could do with this shed! A play house, a man cave, a chicken coop, an office. A wooden storage shed can be much more than storage.

Your wood shed can be something more than just a storage unit. Imagine it as a chicken coop, a playhouse for the kids, a garden shed, a workhouse, an office, a man cave, a hobby house. Don’t let your imagination stop there. The list can go on and on!

It’s often the case that families outgrow their home and wishing for space seems to be an American pastime. If that’s the case in your home, make some space with a wood shed.


Creative Ways to Use your Backyard Shed

A Playhouse Shed for Kids

playhouse shedA playhouse shed can be fun for kids. Paint it a fun color, add some toy boxes and turn it into a magical play land in the backyard. Your kids could get hours of fun, pretending it’s a hobbit home, a castle, a mini-house, or anything else. You could get really creative and add curtains and spruce up the furniture (add blankets and pillows to the workbenches). Throw down some carpet remnants for added flair. Bring out old toys that never get played with and let your kids have a backyard playhouse.

Garden Sheds – A Gardener’s Dream

A sheds alternative use is often a gardening shed. Since gardening is often one of the main outdoor activities, using your shed to organize your garden items is a great use! A solar greenhouse shed might be a great alternative as well.

Putting in some garden caddies to organize tools and seeds can make your building much more than tool storage. Add to the outside a garden hose reel and a caddy for often used tools and seeds. Inside, make space for fertilizers, extra pots and garden tools.

In one corner, consider making it a resting spot with a chair and a small table for drinks or snacks. You can enjoy your storage unit during your break from gardening on a warm summer day.

shed man caveThe Man Cave

Men crave alone time and a space for man’s most beloved things which often are not inside the house. Consider making your storage unit a man cave!

Inside the man cave can go all the belongings that your wife has banished from the house. Your beloved decor items that she hates (old bachelor pad wall hangings, beer signs, that old wagon wheel coffee table you loved so much) okay, okay I’m pulling ideas from movies here. But you get the drift.

Make yourself a nice space to enjoy whatever man items you like. Put in a mini-fridge to enjoy a cold beverage. Run some electricity out to the shed so you can watch the game with your friends without being interrupted by the kids and the wife. Organize the area for outdoor backyard sports by storing sports gear in your man cave.

Is it a Shed or a Chicken Coop?

Blue chicken coup shedThese days with the push for more organic meats, produce and eggs, raising chickens in your backyard is no longer just something that hippies and farmers do.

A wood shed makes a great chicken coop. Adding some shelves and wall vents can turn your old shed into a nice little home for your budding food source.

Creative Minds Encouraged: There are Other Alternatives Too!

Above are just a few creative ideas on how a wooden storage unit can be converted into more space. Whether you need to get away for a moment alone, or convert your shed into a space for additional activities, your structure can be used as a great resource for extra space that your house doesn’t provide.

Other alternatives also include a work house, an office, or a hobby house.  To save on monthly rent, many work at home professionals build a shed right in their backyard! In fact, some make a living wearing just a robe.

Make your storage unit count as part of your home. If you’re needing extra space and can find somewhere else to store your tools, consider putting your storage shed into another use.

Have you converted your shed into something unique? Do you use your shed for something other than storage? We would love to hear from you!

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