Why a Backyard Shed is the Perfect Storage Solution for your Collectibles

backyard shed collectibles and antique storage

If you’re an avid collector and need a safe place to store your most cherished collectibles, a backyard shed might be the perfect solution for you!

There are so many ways to use a backyard shed. Storing your collectibles in your shed is a great way to utilize outside space. Keeping your collectibles in a backyard shed is one of the best ways to keep your inside home a sanctuary from your collecting, especially if you live with a partner who does not collect.

How to Store Your Collectibles in a Shed

  • Temperature Control: If you’re storing collectibles like books, antiques, toys, or cloth materials, you’ll want to install some sort of temperature control in your backyard shed. Depending on your needs, you can buy portable heating and cooling systems to keep your shed temperature controlled. Adding some insulation might be in order. Using small fans or portable heaters might be the right solution. Keep in mind that portable heaters may not be a good idea to use in unsupervised areas. We recommend a nice wall-mounted heat pump to keep your small space heated and cooled.
  • Pest Control: Pests like rats and stray animals are the death of any type of material or paper collectibles, like books, vintage clothing or antique furniture. Make sure your shed is tightly sealed to keep out vermin. Setting regular traps may be the best way to keep your collectibles safe.

    storing paper inside

    Paper collections should be kept dry.

  • Keep it Dry: Many/most collectibles can be ruined if they get wet. Make sure you inspect your shed regularly for leaks. Caulk around corners, edges, and windows soon after your shed is installed.  This will ensure your collectibles are safe from inclement weather.
  • Keep it Locked: Don’t forget to lock your shed if you are storing valuable collectibles! Backyard sheds are easy prey for a thief. Remember your surroundings when adding items to your shed. Don’t tip off anyone to your valued items being stored in your shed. If your collectibles are highly valuable, installing a camera might be in order.
  • Keep it Dark: Sunshine can fade many lovely collectibles. Keep your collectibles wrapped and out of the light.
  • Organize: Don’t just dump your collection in boxes and shut the door. Organize according to dates and value. If you keep an inventory of your collection, consider marking on your inventory where things are stored.

Using Collectibles to Decorate Your Storage Shed

collectibles to decorate a shed

Consider using your collection as part of your decor inside your shed.

Some people use their backyard sheds for workspaces or entertaining. Using your collectibles to decorate your entertainment area outside is a great idea! If you have collectibles like dishes, collectible glasses or bottles, metal toys or other similar items that can withstand some air and light, use them to decorate your storage area to make it homey and interesting.

A Backyard Shed Gives you an Easy to Access Place to Store your Most Prized Possessions

There are many great ways to store your collectibles in your backyard shed. It makes just as much sense as storing in an attic or basement. In some ways, it makes more sense, as attics tend to attract a lot of dust and vermin. Basements easily get wet. And a storage shed, will stay above ground, is often easier to access and it gives you a separate place to house your collectibles.

For much less than $2,000, a backyard shed can be installed with multiple shelves and workbenches. That should give you plenty of space to store your collectibles.

We have several closeout sheds available. Feel free to browse our entire selection.

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    I have a sweet outbuilding on my property; it is somewhat substantial with a stone foundation a lot of windows, wood floors and a wood burning stove. There are all kinds of things being kept in it. I would like to talk to some one about buying the contents from me. Please contact me. Thank you.


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