Tips for Cleaning Sheds for Summer!

Cleaning your shed for the summer months can be an incentive for you to enjoy the outdoor months a little more and spend time actively improving your yard.

Who wants to sit outside when you’ve got an old shed that feels like an eyesore? Storage sheds can get pretty dirty and disheveled when sitting there year after year with no use except for keeping the rain off the bikes and the lawnmower. So get cleaning!

Tips to Cleaning your Shed the Easy Way

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When cleaning storage sheds, start off with a good power washing.

Giving your storage shed a good cleaning can make your backyard so much more appealing and let you feel proud when you have outdoor parties, barbecues with friends and just sitting outside in the evening, watching your children play.

Start with a power wash. A good power washer can be the best way to get all that caked on dirt off your building.

Got Peeling Paint?

The power washer will get the paint off and give you a nice smooth surface again. If the inside is dirty and covered in cobwebs, move all your tools into a safe area and use the power wash inside.

This can turn into a fun activity with the family too. Get the kids in their swimsuits, fill up the inflatable pool and turn it into an afternoon. Everyone will have fun!

Once all the dirt is gone, you are going to feel inspired. Pick out a lovely new paint color and make your shed as beautiful as the rest of your yard. Paint it to match your house. Or paint it to match your creative streak. Let the kids help! Turn it into a family project. Let it be your fun artsy backyard. We recommend a high-quality exterior paint like Sherwin Williams A-100 quality exterior acrylic latex paint.

Next up, Accessorize!

One of the reasons your storage shed becomes junky and undesirable to spend time with is that it often lacks the necessary accessories to keep your tools and gear organized.

Get some necessary shed accessories like a garden caddy; shelves; work bench; and flower box to store, organize and beautify.

decorating sheds

A flower box will make your shed look immensely better.

Adding these accessories can make your shed feel like a part of your home rather than a dusty old storage bin to be avoided.

Finally, Organize!

Once you’ve cleaned up the outside and installed some accessories, spend some time organizing to fit your needs. If you’re a gardener, make sure all your gardening tools are easily accessible for the times when you need them. If you use your shed for seasonal storage, organize your boxes on shelves in a monthly consecutive arrangement on the shelves.

Spend some time cleaning out each seasonal box, like holiday decorations and yard accessories. Throw away stuff you don’t use. Make sure your boxes are organized. Arrange the boxes to fit each month. Figure out a rotational system if you don’t have enough room to line them up in order of consecutive holidays.

Organizing Tips:

  • Hang your most used tools on a caddy inside the door for easy access.
  • Install shelving and give each item its own space. Place like tools together and tools that are used at the same time, near each other.
  • For less used items, put a caddy or box under shelving and fill it with small implements that are not used consistently, like extra pots, potting soil, and fertilizer.
  • Hang a calendar and list your rotation schedule so you can easily organize while you’re outside. List your gardening schedule on the calendar as well. This will help you keep track of which tools need to be kept out and what can be put away. It will also keep you on your planting schedule.
  • Fill a small basket with gardening implements that you can grab and go. Put your seeds, gardening gloves, small clippers, weed killer, and potting shovel inside. Leave it near the door.
  • Separate your yard items from your storage items.
  • Make sure you leave yourself space to work on important tasks.
  • Organize your shed at least once a year to keep it running smoothly from season to season.
  • Prioritize your uses for the shed. For example, if you want to really use your shed for gardening tools, and storage items are getting in the way, consider moving your storage items somewhere else. Make the most of your shed!

Cleaning your Shed will Make it Look New Again

Sheds can be a really useful way to organize your outdoor work and storage. Cleaning your shed and giving it a makeover for the summer will give you renewed energy for all your favorite outdoor activities.

how to clean sheds

Best ways to clean sheds. Don’t let your shed get this bad!

Now this is a clean shed! Just imagine how nice it would look in your backyard.

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