15 Coolest Shed Paint Jobs

Something about a sassy shed paint job just makes your backyard pop! Check out 15 of the coolest shed paint jobs on the internet. Sheds can make or break your backyard landscape. Give your shed a pleasing paint job.

Creative, Clever and Colorful Sheds from Around the World

I love this one. It could go with just about any color on a house and it’s cute to boot.

shed paint jobs ideas

Is it just me or does anyone else have a sudden craving for Fruit Stripe gum? Shed paint job found on Flickr.

I love the double colors on this one. Tea and crumpets anyone?

cute sheds

Cute shed, found on Pinterest.

Bright, bold and organized! This yellow shed is a spot of sunshine in your backyard.

bright bold shed paint job

This paint job will brighten up any backyard! Found on BHG.


Another shed with an uncommon color scheme. Teal shed with a dark blue roof is adorable!

painting shed ideas

This shed paint job reminds me of the ocean. Found on Pinterest.

Blue, found in nature, has an ethereal and mystical quality to it. This shed, with matching chairs, embodies the spirit of nature’s best blues.

Found on Brabourne Farm.

Found on Brabourne Farm.

On the opposite spectrum is a silvery shed that embraces the beauty of a gray day. Silvery, shimmery, reminiscent of a moonlit night, this shed is simple and stunning.

Luscious lavender always fits well into landscaping. Check out this lively lilac cottage.

shed color ideas

Found on Pinterest.

This precious pink shed-cottage makes me feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

unique shed color schemes

Reminds me of a shed in a fairy tale. Found on Everlasting Blooms.

Sometimes the lack of paint is just what makes your shed pop. Painted orange doors on weathered background make this cabin pop!

vintage shed cabin

Found on Tumblr, A Northern Cabin.

Bold blocks of color make for a clean design on this studio shed.

cool studio sheds

Found on Studio Shed.

Don’t be afraid to use non-matching colors when you paint your shed. This happy art shed is painted yellow, with a teal roof, purple doors and orange trim. Creative and colorful helps you become inspired.

whimsical colored sheds

Found on Pinterest.

Not a traditional backyard shed, The Shed at the National Theatre is painted a playful, but thoughtful, brick red with no other colors. This architecture is also interesting.

Found on dezeen magazine.

Found on dezeen magazine.

This old caravan, turned hobbit shed, uses matte colors to make a sassy statement.

Go for a traditional look with barn red on your barn style sheds.

Found on Home Tips 4 Women.

Found on Home Tips 4 Women.

No need to always go bold on the colors. If you are having trouble growing vines along your shed walls, paint them on!

painted sheds

Found on Pinterest.

Don’t be afraid to make your shed paint job bold and beautiful…

The great thing about sheds is that they can reflect your personality in a way that your house can’t always. Go bold, go beautiful, get crafty and creative. Whatever you like, do to your shed to reflect your personal style in your backyard!

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  1. pricilla says:

    Fantastic, Martha! I am 68 years old and lately moved into a new trailer in the country. Painted it 3 kinds of blue! Want to paint it other colors, but my 57 year old husband hollers no. Most of my life, I have had to deal with constraining people and laws, such as dreaded HOAs. Someday…OK, will erect a she shed and paint it purples. Oh, luv the shed that had almost every plank painted different colors!


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