Big Ideas for Small Backyards!

So you’ve got a small backyard? Want to make it feel big? Take these ideas and give your small backyard a makeover. No matter what your tastes are, make your small backyard feel BIG with these ideas.

No Backyard is too Small for Big Ideas!

I’ve got a small backyard and I know that it can feel hard to landscape with a small space when you are limited by boundaries. Small backyards can feel extra cozy and/or exotic when you do it up right!

Start off by giving your small backyard a productive and beautiful perimeter. Whatever type of plants you enjoy, be it luscious shrubbery, fancy flowers or a garden dripping with vegetables, plant your outer edges with plants that will intoxicate you when you walk into your yard.

ideas for small backyards

From the New York Times, great example of a functional perimeter backyard garden (NYT. )

backyard design ideas

Perimeter landscaping works great for small backyards.

veggie garden idea small backyard

Plant a veggie patch along your perimeter from Renegade Farmer.

Other small backyards often have very little to no actual yard. Perhaps you have a backyard with just a deck or patio. There’s no reason you have to ignore this space! Turn your backyard into an island getaway. Take an exotic vacation every time you step out the backdoor. Or use it for an extra room. Backyards are great places to entertain!

Secure a shady spot for your guests and for your own enjoyment. In your backyard vacation spot you can relax and serve your guests!

small backyard landscaping ideas 2014

Insert your family and friends right here. Wait. Let’s add a few margarita’s too!

One of the perks of having a small backyard is that you can spend less time doing yard work and more time relaxing! Spend your money on something you will enjoy year round rather than spending all your time and cash flow working on the yard.

pergolas for small backyards

Pergolas are a great addition to small backyards.

Let’s say you want it all and you just don’t have the space. Small spaces can be great spots for entertaining and have lush greenery as well. Container gardening has become very popular over the years and is a great way to have a full garden a small space.

How to make a container garden:

1. A container garden can be as big or as little as you like. Just make sure you have the proper amount of sun in the areas where you want to grow your garden. Start by getting several containers. Make sure your containers are large, at least 10 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Consider how large your plants will be at their largest and plan accordingly.

2. Make sure your containers have good drainage. Small containers without holes are for decoration. Don’t be tempted by these if you want your plants to live. Without drainage, your plants will suffocate and die.

3. Water, water, water! Container gardens need more frequent watering because the materials allow air inside, which dries out your plants more quickly than if they are in the ground. You need to make sure you are watering your plants frequently. If plants are placed on walkways, they may need to be watered more often since the concrete can heat up, leaving your plants more susceptible to the heat.

4. Choose a good soil and use compost and/or mulch. Make sure you have a good soil mix, filled with plenty of organic material like bark fines, peat or coconut coir. These materials will help keep your soil hydrated. Additionally, use a good mulch on the top layer. Mulch will keep your plants from drying out as quickly.

5. Fertilize and refresh. Use a good fertilizer in your container garden to give your plants the proper nutrition they need. Refresh your soil every year. Every spring when you replant, replace the top few inches of soil with fresh soil and add more fertilizer.

6. Move your plants. As seasons change, you may need to find new digs for your plants. Some plants may need to be moved inside during the winter.

hanging basket backyard

Hanging your container garden is a great way to add space in your small backyard, from Apartment Therapy.

Spruce Up Your Backyard and Enjoy!

However you choose to spruce up your small backyard, make sure it is enjoyable for you and your favorite activities. Spring has not even arrived yet, so it’s not too late to enhance your backyard!

We Love Creative Backyard Ideas!

We have a passion for everything backyard. Whether it’s beautiful storage sheds or backyards that dreams are made of. We would love if you would share your ideas with us!


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