Celebrate Earth Day Through Sustainable Forest Initiatives

earth day 2014Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated by taking action, cleaning communities, planting trees and contacting government officials in support of a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

One way you can add to your Earth Day celebration is ensuring that you support companies that support sustainable forest initiatives.

Shed Liquidators Supports Sustainable Forest Initiatives

We support sustainable forest initiatives by using lumber from North American sustainable, well-managed forests. Out of all of our popular shed materials, (wood, metal, plastic and vinyl) wood is the only renewable resource we use. We also use many engineered wood products such as LP siding, which provides superior performance, reduced waste and increased durability. You can read about our commitment to quality and sustainable practices here.

Earth Day Isn’t the Only Time of Year to Support Sustainabilitysheds earth friendly

Earth Day comes around once a year to remind us of our commitment to the world around us, but every day is a good time to get involved in building a sustainable earth.

Every Day Actions to Build an Earth Friendly World

Every day you can take action to ensure that you are doing your part to make the world a healthier place for future generations. Here are some ideas to implement in your home to ensure that you are making a smaller environmental footprint in the world.

  • – Buy local. When you can, buy things locally. The closer to home you make your purchases, the less resources are used to get them to you.
  • – Plant a garden. Gardening will make the earth healthier because you are helping keep the soil healthy, you are keeping your family healthier by eating fresh produce from your own yard. By eating your own garden-produced fruits and vegetables, you are reducing your carbon footprint in the world.
  • – Recycle and buy recycled goods. Recycling helps reduce the production of new items from the world and when you buy recycled goods, you are ensuring that something that’s been used once is taking the place of a newly manufactured product.
  • – Take short showers. Yep, the average shower head uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. That’s 25 gallons of water in 10 minutes!
  • – Unplug. Unplugging your items when they are not in use will not only help reduce your electric bill (a little), it will reduce the use of unnecessary energy.
  • – Buy from companies that support sustainable practices.

How Can You Determine if a Company Supports Sustainability

Putting your money where your commitment to sustainability is. Spend money with companies that are committed to earth-friendly practices.

You can tell if a company cares about sustainability by checking the website and looking at About sections or looking to see if they have a page dedicated to the environment. If you can’t find out of from the website, call the company and ask if they have environmentally friendly policies and ask what they are. Don’t be afraid to demand sustainability from the companies you buy from. They are supported by your money and if they aren’t implementing practices that you agree with, then you are supporting those very practices.

Celebrate Earth Day in Your Daily Life

Earth Day comes once a year, but it’s only a reminder. You can take action every day to support sustainability and renewable energy every day. Reduce, reuse, recycle and support sustainable initiatives. It will make a difference for future generations!

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