Creative and Crafty Garden Tool Storage Solutions

Garden tool storage ideas offer up bins and organizers, but what if you prefer a more creative solution? Storing your garden tools for all the various seasons and making them easy to find can be a challenge. Let’s get crafty and creative with some cool garden tool storage ideas from around the web.

Creative Ways to Store Common Garden Tools

The most common large garden tools are rakes, hoes, shovels, and cultivators. Store these items in upright containers like these:

This over-sized obelisk built for shelter also nicely conceals the air conditioning unit as well as offering storage for upright hand-held garden tools.

outdoor cabinet for storing tools

There is an air-conditioner in there. Trust us. Photo Credit: Art | Harrison Interiors & Collection

Wooden pallets are so great for DIY projects. Check out this DIY wooden pallet tool storage unit. What a great idea! This DIY garden tool storage idea is found here on Pinterest. This pallet looks great with the shabby chic look, but could also look really cute with a creative paint job. For long-standing storage, try to use a pallet that is pressure treated and fumigated.

wood pallet garden tool holder

If you have a wood pallet taking up space in your garage or shed, put it to use.

I love this idea from Ashbee Design. Storage made from PVC pipe, you can hang it along your storage shed or garage. It’s the perfect tool storage solution. Easy to mount inside or outside of your storage area.

ashbee storage designs sheds

No more disorganized sheds. No more trying to lean tools on the shed. With some PVC piping, you can easily organize your long-handled tools. Photo Credit:

Steps to follow to Make your own PVC pipe Storage Rack

  1. 1. Using PVC scraps, cut at an angle (aprox. 30 degrees)
  2. 2. Sand the edges until the edges are smooth
  3. 3. Drill holes through them to mount onto a piece of plywood, and voila!

For your common smaller gardening tools like the hand fork, trowel and gardening gloves, you can find creative ways to organize these and along with your power tools inside your backyard shed.

Pegboards can offer up easy solutions to your garden tool storage needs. Check out this pegboard hung with tin buckets for a cute way to store your small garden tools.

garden wall storage

Photo Credit:

1. Hang your pegboard using some type of mounting bracket

2. Paint it any color you want. To make it really stand out, choose a bright color

3. Insert the pegs and hooks into the pegboard to store your garden tools.

4. Use the hooks to grab onto the basket handles or turn the bucket into a storage shelf by drilling small holes in the bottom. HINT: Use a larger, round bucket for hose storage and smaller buckets for spades and garden gloves.

Attach some hinges to a wooden “spine” and turn your pegboard into book leaves for garden and power tool storage for small spaces.

pegboard book storage

Photo Credit:

Put those power tools to use and make yourself some miniature shelving for your hand tools. This adorable and handy plier shelf makes organizing and finding your tools a snap!

storage ideas for hand tools

Photo Credit:

For easy access and storage, you can move around, “plant” your garden tools in some pots with some sand and a dab of oil. It will keep your tools pretty fresh! (No need to water.)

pots storage of tools

Photo Credit:

This is a great idea. Use an old shoe organizer to stick all your small garden tools into. It’s easy to hang and easy to find all your tools. Warning to Men: Please ask your wife first before using this or buy a new one if you’re not sure if she is using it.

outdoor shoe organizer for shed organization

Frugalness has it’s rewards. Photo Credit:

Hey, this one is weatherproof, decorative and gives you easy access to your tools! Take an old mailbox and fill it up with tools. Just don’t put it too close to the curb or you might really confuse your mail carrier.

mailbox for garden tool storage

Photo Credit:

Coming up with garden tool storage ideas has never been more fun! Pinterest makes me want to get creative and crafty with my garden shed and tool storage.

What are some of your creative ideas for garden tool storage?

Feel free to share your ideas with us!


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