Organize Your Shed with Pegboards

It’s easy to look at a pegboard and take it for granted. I mean, c’mon – all those little holes and annoying hooks that always seem to fall out at the wrong time. What’s more, where does the pegboard typically go – usually in the nether reaches of the garage, shed or basement, causing further disdain for this misunderstood marvel.

We hear ya’ pegboard and we’re coming to your rescue – hang tight!

Pegboard Garden Hose from Martha Stewart

The pegboard is capable of many things so you should stand up and take notice. First, there is the pegboard’s obvious panache for organization, which it does artfully. Although the holes and hooks can be trying at times, all it takes is a little patience and vision to find a place for all your things. Here’s a simple tip to help you make sense of what to put where: Identify an area, then paint that space w/shapes like a square or circle. Use the painted space to designate a spot for specific items. This will help you start to allocate space for items that will simplify your organizing efforts.

If you’re hung up on the hooks – no pun intended – mix it up by hanging bins or trays of varying sizes to accommodate everything from a 7/16 screw to assorted power tools. And don’t just think vertically – mounting bins sideways/horizontally is another trick to accommodate items that don’t easily hang from hooks. Presto, you have a place for your gardening gloves and hose nozzles. Speaking of hose nozzles, a simple trick for those pesky garden hoses strewn across your shed floor is to mount a large bucket to your pegboard. Just wind your hose around the bucket to create a functional DIY hose reel.

functional decorative pegboard from

We’ve touched on some of the organizational fortitude of the pegboard but let’s not negate the esthetics. Yes, we know. The pegboard usually comes in a color that can best be
described as “roast beef brown,” hardly the color of inspiration. We realize that the pegboard is meant to serve a functionary purpose, so generally, little thought is given to the outward appearance. However, this doesn’t have to be! A simple paint job can spruce up your pegboard, which is fairly easy to do. Perhaps all those little holes or the material itself scared you off? Well, it is true that a 2’ x 8’ sheet of pegboard has 3,220 holes; and common sense would dictate that using a paintbrush would unevenly fill the holes, which inevitably could cause problems later on when it comes time to hang hooks and organize. No fear, just utilize the fun paint spray gun. This will evenly spread the paint and alleviate it from clumping up in the holes. You’ll still want to do a two-step prime and paint process to ensure a smooth finish. And, if you can’t access a spray gun, spray paint is also a substitute option.

Pegboards Make Organizing Fun and Easy…

Whoever said organization isn’t beautiful has never owned a pegboard. We can feel the pegboard love growing – now get out there and get organized!

Other examples of pegboards used in storage sheds

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