Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Shed

Top 10 Reasons You know it’s Time to Buy a Shed:

buy sheds

Not for sale, buddy. Move along. Psst. It’s time to buy a shed!

10. Your garage is so full that if you open it on the weekends, your neighbors think you are having a garage sale.

9. The mice in the attic send in an application to the show Hoarders.

8. Your backyard looks like the garden section at Home Depot.

7. Your guest room doesn’t have room for guests.

garage replacement shed

Soure: Creativelyengaged.

6. Your indoor gardening makes your kitchen look like a plant nursery.

5. Your wife’s yoga time and your football watching keep clashing, nobody will give in.

4. Your dining room has more art projects than dinner parties.

3. You begin to wonder if there could be a lost civilization living in your kids’ play room.

If you cleaned your kids' closets, what would you find?

If you cleaned your kids’ closets, what would you find?

2. Every time you open your closet door, Christmas decorations fall on your head.

Aaaaand, the number one reason you know it’s time to buy a shed. Drum roll please!




1. MAN CAVE!!!!! The most important reason to buy a shed… Oh, maybe not, but it’s the most fun!

man cave shed

#1 reason to buy a shed!







buy a man cave shed

This is one cool man cave…

wooden mancave shed

Source: wood shed man cave | Man Caves 2012 (Wood Special Interest Publication) – Free Magazine

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