DIY Ideas: Reuse Old Dressers for Shed and Backyard Storage

If you’re like me, the idea of piling my gardening tools on a shelf in the shed is so boring. I like to get creative with my storage. Add to that one of my latest crafty obsessions of reclaiming old furniture and finding a new use for it and voila! You’ve got garden storage made from an old dresser.

Make any Old Dresser New Again

Do you hate it when you see a sad, paint-peeling dresser by the side of the road? Pick it up for free and turn it into shed storage using some of these cool ideas found on Pinterest. Renovate an old dresser with a handsome new paint job and some creativity to store your backyard tools inside your shed.wood dresser for shed

Here’s a beauty found on Sophia’s Decor, an old dresser painted green and given a vintage look with a stenciled flower ad on the front. You can store everything from seeds, to potting tools, to next year’s bulbs inside this old dresser. With a little paint and some stencils or some other creative touches, you can have a really unique storage area inside your shed.

green dresser painted green

This dresser shows off a vintage look and fresh spring-like colors.

Green is such a great spring color. Here’s another beautifully refurnished, reclaimed dresser that needed a lot of love, found on My Passion for Decor. A dresser like this would be fabulous storage for your garden shed. Be sure to check out the link with a tutorial.

It started out looking like this:

old dresser restored

It might not look like much now, but with a can-do attitude, this dresser can become a work of art and  quite functional.

And after a bit of work, looks like this: Fabulous!

old dresser restored for shed

Da da!

Go a step further and organize your items by labeling each drawer with a big block stencil job. This fun and functional garden storage shed was found on Blessed Nesters.

old dresser for shed organization

Well, I guess you can’t really store sunshine……

With the right space and decor, you may not even need to refurbish your old dresser. This shabby-chic, vintage dresser found on Blomsterverkstad fits right in as a potting shelf.

vintage dressers

 Paint jobs aside, you can get even more creative with your refurbishing project by looking in your garden shed for extra accessories to put on your garden storage shed. This dresser with hose nozzle knobs really has me thinking about all those junky things I toss out. Hmmmm.

refurbishing dressers for organization

From trash to treasure.

Restoring Old Dressers for Shed Storage is Just Plain Smart!

There are so many ways you can reuse, recycle and reclaim old furniture. Getting started on a DIY project for your garden shed can really spark the imagination. When you’re done you will not only have a unique and functional storage area and fun conversation piece, but you’ll have a new hobby that excites and invigorates!

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