Shedworking: The Latest Trend for Home Offices

Shedworking is one of the hottest new trends around the world and fast becoming more and more popular. The shedworking trend’s most distinguished enthusiast is an author in the UK, Alex Johnson of Shedworking, a blog and book. Be sure to check out Johnson’s blog, which offers inspiration from around the world, which includes Japanese teahouseworking, co-shedworking, treehouseworking and more really fun ideas. Shedworking is a surely fast growing in the U.S. as well.

Japanese teahouseworking from

Japanese teahouseworking from

Finding office space for those who work from home can often be a challenge. Work in a coffee house? Find a coworking space? Or work at your dining room table?

When these options don’t work, for whatever reason, many are turning to revamped sheds in their backyards. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the house to the office, a shed offers the quiet and distraction-free office that work-at-home folks crave.

Shedworking From Home: Great Reasons to Shedwork

Shedworking is a great option for the work-at-home employee.  A garden office is great for many reasons.

Getting rid of your commute is one way to add significant hours to your work week, or to add to your off hours. Think about those two hours a day you spend sitting in traffic and imagine that you could have up to 10 or more hours back in your life to either get extra work done, or have more down time. That’s significant.

Some coworking spaces are even using sheds. From

Some coworking spaces are even using sheds. From

Working in your own private shed office can offer fewer distractions. According to this WSJ article, one of the biggest distractions is open-plan offices (which are becoming more and more popular) and an emphasis on employee collaboration. Losing those two out of the multitude of other distractions will leave you more time to focus on your actual work.

It’s also great to have the comforts of home nearby. Save money by eating lunch at home rather than spending your hard-earned money on lunch or eating a soggy sandwich.

Technology makes it easier than ever to convert a shed into an office. With your home wi-fi router in place, you’ll get double time in your shedworking office.

And speaking of technology, don’t forget to join up with the shedworking community. You can start by following Alex Johnson on twitter @shedworking.

This might look a little unusual, but it's quite practical as a backyard office. Photo Credit:

This might look a little unusual, but it’s quite practical as a backyard office. Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

shedworking home ideas

The Aston storage shed by Yardline would make the perfect home office. 

While this may seem small, sometimes this is all you need when looking for a quite place to be productive. Source:

While this may seem small, sometimes this is all you need when looking for a quite place to be productive. Source:

prefab shed

Is it a castle or a shed? Source:

How to Get Started Shedworking

Getting started with your shedworking ideas can be as simple as setting up a short term office in your current shed to see how you like it. If the weather is comfortable enough and your wi-fi is close by, all you’ll need for your test run is a desk and chair along with your laptop.

Once you’ve established that you enjoy shedworking, consider having a professional install electricity and heating/cooling elements to your shed.

Buying a Shed

ranch sheds to buy

This ranch shed would be a great economical start for a home office. It even includes a window to let more light in.

There are many options for getting started on shedworking. Our Gable Sheds are a great value. Add in a window or skylight and you’ll be set. Our Gambrel Sheds come in many styles and price points. Personally, I like the Ranch Shed styles the best. Already equipped with a window and with a large door, makes it easier to bring in all your equipment and on a nice day, you can leave the doors open for added sunshine and fresh air.

Shedworking is the Latest Trend for Home Office Workers

You may not know anyone who works from their shed, but it’s possible it won’t be long before you do. Shedworking is just another answer to the fast growing trend of work-at-home employees. Due to the popularity of working at home to enjoy more work/life balance, shedworking is becoming the latest in home office space.

Do you work out of your shed? Do you have any shedworking ideas to share? Join us in the conversation at #shedworking.

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