How to Convert a Shed Into a Hunting Cabin

hunting shed cabin

A shed can be the perfect companion to a weekend hunting trip. It’s spacious and easy to customize design provides a warm and cozy sanctuary for the outdoors man type.

Hunting season is upon us and anyone who hunts knows that it is not always the most comfortable of pursuits. When you are sitting out in the woods for hours it’s always great to get back to somewhere cozy and warm where you can get some sleep and have a hot meal in between trips.

Hunting cabins can be expensive just for a nap and a hot meal. Camping out is not always ideal in certain climates, where it is simply too cold.

Here’s a Great Solution, Turn a Shed into a Hunting Cabin.

Depending on how many hunters you are accommodating, a small to medium shed can be the perfect place to set up your rest area.
hunting cabin shedDepending on how many amenities you need while in the woods, will depend on what you do to your shed.

It can be easy to set up some beds/cots/sleeping bags and a camp stove inside your shed.

For the stove, you can go green and get something as simple as this Biolite Camp Stove, which runs off of twigs and also charges your cell phone while it cooks! There are tons of great camp stove options on Amazon, varying sizes and types of necessary fuel. Make sure you read reviews before you buy, and test it out before you trek into the woods with it, so you know you won’t starve.

Add in some cots or cozy sleeping bags and you’ll be all set to sleep and eat while in the woods.

If you have access to water and sewer, you can also add a shower, sink and a toilet to one of our sheds for the hotel treatment while you’re in the woods.

If you don’t have water access, which is more likely, then pick up a portable toilet to make life a little easier.  If you’ve got female hunting companions, there are also portable female urination devices to let them go a little easier out in the woods.

Since you’re setting up a shed, rather than a tent, why not get something a little fancier, with the assumption that you’ll be back in the same spot regularly. A composting toilet can be a great option. And in the long run, may save you cash and ease of use since you won’t have to do clean up every time nature calls. Just cut a spot out of the floor and let it all go straight back to nature with no mess and no clean up!

Hunting cabins can run upwards of $10-$25,ooo or more. But in the long run, what most hunters want is a warm spot to get some sleep and eat some food. Hunting is a dirty game, no need to get super fancy about it.

Convert your Shed into a Hunting Cabin and Save $$$…

Save some dollars by converting a shed into a hunting cabin and enjoy your regular trips out in the woods.

Our sheds run the gamut in sizes and prices. If you are housing only a small numbers ofwooden cabin shed hunters, you can buy something in a smaller range of 8X10, our Gable and Gambrel sheds range from 8X10 to 10X16 and start at $1199. Add in a window for a little light.

Then there’s the Ranch sheds at 12X8, which have a window already built in.

You can easily add some shelves for makeshift beds, add a small mattress or a sleeping bag and you can line up hunters along the walls for cozy sleeping.

And don’t forget a gun rack, keep it safe, always.

cabin sheds

Our sheds are more than just for storing commonly used tools and equipment. Add some shelves, workbench and window to make it a home away from home.

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