Become a Master of Vertical Pallet Gardening!

vertical gardening with pallets

Have BIG dreams of a beautiful garden in your backyard? Think up… Think vertical pallet gardening!

When it comes to making room in your backyard with shed storage, there are plenty of tips. But making more room in a small backyard can be challenging, especially if you like to garden.

A great way to have a big garden in a small backyard is by vertical pallet gardening.

Pallet Gardening Saves Space

A typical garden can take up plenty of space and while there’s certainly no standard sized garden, if you want to harvest vegetables and plant flowers, you are going to use up a lot of real estate in your backyard.

The smallest garden you’ll want to plant can take up at bare minimum, 20 square feet. If you’re trying to feed a family, you can consider that amount of space, up to an acre per person.

So, yeah, gardening takes up space. So if you wish to add more layers to your gardening, consider using pallet gardening.

Pallet Gardening Organization

The easiest way to organize a pallet garden is by leaning them up against walls, preferably shed walls. I don’t like the idea of leaning a pallet garden against my house mostly because of the level of dirt. I also don’t want the outer walls of my house to have patches of fade around the pallets. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to repaint a shed, rather than your house. Plus, it’s likely that no one will notice patchy paint on a shed. And if they do, it’s not nearly as unattractive as it would be on your home.

Pallet Gardening Keeps Your Veggies (Slightly) Safer

I live in just off of a large area of woods and one of my biggest problems is that squirrels and other random animals love to forage off my garden. I don’t mind the occasional snatch and grab, but it can be frustrating when you’re waiting for a luscious tomato to ripen on the vine only to find it burgled by a pest.

Pallet gardening doesn’t necessarily keep pests from snatching the fruits of your labor, but it can be a significant deterrent. Squirrels can climb, so don’t think that keeping your veggies off the ground will keep them safe. But you can add a layer of chicken wire around your pallet garden and hopefully most squirrels will just go find an open and easy ground garden to pilfer. Another added layer of protection can be to plant hot peppers around the borders of your garden (they won’t like them) or give them something to nibble on like sunflowers.

Reasons to Pallet Garden

gardening storage kit

Our garden caddy is one of our favorite accessories as it gives you a wide work surface with five shelves and a wood peg hanging system. It makes the perfect ally to a storage shed.

There are plenty of reasons to make a pallet garden other than needing room in your yard.

  1. 1. Perhaps you don’t have yard. Apartment dwellers can make nice big gardens with a pallet or two on a balcony.
  2. 2. Maybe you’re planning on moving. If you want to make significant gardening strides, but you don’t know where you’ll be for the next season, pallet gardens are great. You can pick them up and move them.
  3. 3. Pallet garden are great for kids’ gardening projects too. If you’ve got a big family garden and your child wants their own garden, make a cute pallet garden. They can decorate it before planting, making a fun and long-term project and teaching them about healthy eating along the way.

Pallet Gardening Allows you to be More Efficient, Creative and Have Fun!

Pallet gardens also don’t need to be space saving or an alternate to a home dweller, they can just be fun! Perhaps you wish to organize your garden in a more creative way. Pallet gardens can stay on the ground and you can make a pretty path in between each pallet, making your garden lovely and creative.

Vertical Pallet Garden Tutorials

Here are a couple of good tutorials with great photos on how to make a simple pallet garden in your backyard.

Country Living, Brighten Up Your Garden With This Clever Repurposed Pallet Planter

Design Sponge, Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

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