World Famous Sheds and Gazebos

Many of us take for granted the fact that the sheds and gazebos of our own backyards are a part of a worldwide tradition of outbuilding design and creation. Sheds and gazebos have been adding beauty, style and functionality to the backyards of the world for centuries – just take a look at our post on the history of gazebos in backyard gardens and beyond. Like every other type of architecture, mankind has created beautiful works of art in the form of garden decoration as the tradition evolves.

Take a look for yourselves at these awe-inspiring famous sheds and gazebos from around the world!

shed from portugal

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The first stop is the Bom Jesus do Monte hilltop gazebo. Located in Tenões, Portugal, the Bom Jesus do Monte is a famous pilgrimage site and sanctuary garden. People have been traveling there for contemplation and penance since 1811, and just to the left of the church travelers can find this beautiful gazebo amongst a parterre garden.

liesls gazebo pic

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Look familiar? The next gazebo on our list is arguably one of the most recognizable garden structures in the world, depending on how you feel about musicals! Liesl’s original dancing gazebo from The Sound of Music still stands at the Hellbrunn Palace grounds in Salzburg, Austria and is visited by hundreds of thousands  Sound of Music enthusiasts a year.

furistic gazebo

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Employing a more futuristic take on the gazebo structure, these glass pods were displayed during the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London, England.

edinburgh glasshouse

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Built in 1834 The Tropical Palm House stands 72 feet high and it is the oldest glasshouse at the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland. This structure houses almost 2600 different species of palms.

babylon shed

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The last structure on our list requires a bit of time travel and imagination. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and to this day their existence is still debated. If these gardens did exist, they were most likely located in modern-day Iraq and they didn’t actually hang. The actual garden would’ve draped over the fixed brick structure.

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