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Pre-Built Display Sheds

If you're looking for a massive discount on a less-than-perfect shed, consider one of our pre-built display sheds. As we get ready to bring in new models to display at retail stores, we sell the older shed displays. We have hundreds of sheds for display at home improvement retailers nationwide.



Pricing varies depending on the condition and model. Prices go as low as $799. Contact us to get the exact pricing for display sheds in your area.


From practically new to having heavy wear and tear, the condition of our display sheds varies, which is reflected in the price. Since all sales are final, we recommend seeing it in person before you purchase. Call us at 734.240.2392 or the form below for pricing, inventory availability and location.

Pickup Process

Once you purchase the shed over the phone, your shed will be ready to be picked up with a flatbed truck. We recommend hiring a towing service to help you load and transport it to your home.

The Extra Fine Print

>> All sales are final and must be purchased over the phone.

>> Display sheds are not eligible for returns or warranties.

>> Display sheds are pre-built, painted, and shingled.

Find out what we have available in your area!