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Pre-Built Display Sheds

Save over 50% on fully built retail display and factory prototype sheds. Many of these wooden sheds include built-in features, interior organization, ventilation, windows and more.



All displays marked at our lowest possible pricing and do not include transportation to your location.  Displays are sold on a first come basis,  a different display will be offered up at an alternative location if the original display is already sold. All sales are final – please review the display prior to purchasing. Call 734-240-2392 for a list of displays in your area, or fill out the form below for more information on display availability in your area.  


Pre-assembled sheds are sold as is/where is and do not come with a warranty. Condition of the display is reflected in our pricing of that model.

Pickup Process

Once you purchase the shed and payment completed you will receive your paperwork to proceed with arranging transportation of the shed to your location.  You should make sure you have enough clearance to get the shed into your yard.  You will need a minimum of 3’ of clearance width and height (including the transport vehicle) to get the shed into the location.  Check with you shed mover for exact requirements for your area prior to purchasing. 

Additional Information

>> All sales are final, and must be purchased with a Shed Liquidators associate by calling 734-240-2392

>> Displays are not eligible for returns

>> Displays are sold as is/where is with no warranty

>> Transportation or delivery of shed is not included in the price

>> All displays are pre-built storage buildings

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