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Shed Buying Guide

Not sure what shed size or style is best for you? Check out our complete shed buying guide to help make the decision easier.

Shed Buying Guide

Site Prep Checklist

There are some things you’ll need to do in your yard before your shed arrives. Review this checklist so you’re ready for the big arrival day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the sheds arrive painted and fully assembled?
Our sheds come with pre-cut pieces ready to assemble on-site This means your shed gets delivered and installed without removing a fence or creating a large clearance to get to the build site.  The shed will come factory-primed and ready for you to paint. 
Do the sheds come with a warranty?
All our sheds come with a 10-year limited material warranty, with some materials extending beyond 10 years. Standard shingles have a 25-year limited warranty. Architectural/dimensional shingles have a limited lifetime warranty. Louisiana Pacific® SmartSide® siding and trim has a 50-year limited material warranty.  Professional installation comes with a 1-year labor warranty.
What are the lead times to get a shed professionally installed?
Typical installation lead time is 3 to 6 weeks but may vary during peak and promotional times. Schedule dates vary due to seasonality and promotional periods.  Once you place your order, we'll contact you to inform you of your installation date (with the option to reschedule). 
What is included with the purchase of a shed?
Our sheds come with pre-cut lumber pieces ready to assemble on-site by our professional installers. Each shed has a base shed kit, a floor system, fasteners, runners, shingles, and door hardware. Some models come with extras like shelves, a storage loft, a threshold, or vents. 
Why are wood sheds better than other build materials?
Wood sheds are constructed with many of the same materials as your home. They look great and are built to last, meeting or exceeding most building codes and HOA requirements. Aesthetics Wood sheds have an attractive look that comes in various architectural styles that can be painted and shingled to match your house. Durability Wood is known to be an extremely strong and durable material. Our sheds have a sturdy frame and floor system to withstand strong winds, heavy snow, and heavy equipment. Weather Resistant We use treated LP® SmartSide® siding that protects the shed from hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay, and termites. Customizable Whether you’re using it for storage or extra workspace, our wood sheds can easily be modified for any use. Dream big and make the space exactly what you need it to be.
Why are your sheds heavily discounted?
At Shed Liquidators, we design, manufacture, and sell wood sheds directly from our USA-based factory. With a national network of installers and last-mile delivery service, we’ve cracked the code for unlocking significant discounts on our surplus of premium quality sheds.   
Will you provide a permit for my shed?
Unless you live in an area where professional contractors are required to pull the permits, customers can pull their own building permits. We can provide the drawings to assist with this. If you would like us to pull the permit for you, we offer a permit package that covers the procurement of the permits. Every municipality has different permit requirements and fees, so once we receive your order, our local warehouse will reach out to you to get the necessary documentation (I.e., plot plan, seismic testing, etc.). Depending on the permit cost or required documentation, additional fees will vary by municipality.

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